Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh Where oh Where Could the Pugster Be?

My oh my, we have been on pins and needles asking that question. I suppose it would be more comfortable, however, to not sit on pins and needles. ouch
My best guess is he's following between the footsteps of a long legged gal in a dress, and no knickers, and while she is a fast walker, Pug's speed is second to none as he "keeps his eye on the prize" so to speak.......

It reminds me of the words of Winston Churchill, spoken on a day not unlike this... Cold, gray, ready to rain at a moment's notice, and as he looked heavenward, he spoke....
"Where the hell is the toilet paper!? WHO didn't put a new roll here when they were finished!?"

Which has really nothing to do with where Pug has gone, but.. He may get a chuckle out of it, eh?

Follow the laughter, and there he'll be.

While we're waiting for the Pugmeister....




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