Friday, October 7, 2016

is this funny?

A simple question, and I must answer quickly.

Is this funny?

Sort of.
Mark Zuckerberg evidently hates to be called "Zook" and gosh, that is so very sad.
My first facebook page was stolen from me by someone who used my name AND my history to claim it, and then they moved back to Nigeria...he would change from a white guy with gray hair to a young black man who bragged of being athletic, and I think maybe once as a woman.

My second facebook page was a fling...My dogs took over a few of my blogs, and my facebook. and it was funny. That's all it was intended for.
But then I started writing, and in the doing, discovered that I LIKED the name Maxwell T Dog.
(what's the "T" stand for? well, "The"....what else?)

I was Maxwell TDog for a long time. I had arguments, but in the course, I discovered that bringing a peace to any event was worth the work. I made a few more friends, and even more importantly, I brought people together with what was once their antagonists, and they became friends. That seemed even more fun than me getting new friends. Truly, I write far too much on some simple ideas, and for the most part, it drives folks crazy. But when two enemies suddenly find each other on their own similar path, they make grand friends!

But Zook (that's what I called him...Mark Zuckerberg) changed the facebook trends numerous times, and not always to enrich the lives of those who used it, but rather to enrich himself, to appear more than he was.
And Zook's goons found me one day and demanded that I come up with state or federal proof that I was who I said I was.
Well, Maxwell had died years before.
And even if he was still alive, there would be no "federal" papers.
It was merely a way for them to push me off facebook.
And it worked, except for one small thing.
Before I was finally set on the outside of the wall, I found that there was a person who was using the name "Maxwell The Dog" as the name of his facebook page.

Now, THAT was funny.
I got kicked off facebook because I used my dog's name as my nom de plume, and here was a guy who used his dog's name blatantly for a page.
It was about then that I realized that the Zook just didn't like to be called "the Zook"

Breaks my heart, Zook.

I also learned that he had "goons" that swept through facebook searching for any criticism of his idealogies, and he kicked them out using all manner of excuses and innuendos. Goons... You would almost imagine a 350 pound man, five foot seven, .45 holstered under his left arm, broken nose, short hair...maybe a flat top.
But some of his goons are women, strange names and even stranger avatars, like skulls and crossbones, as if that were scary. Using names that were similar to cartoons, but, again, it made it even funnier to think of.
Imagine, if you will, a cartoon figure pushing you off facebook. Great shades of Roger Rabbit!

And in the end?
I don't care. They had already kicked off a half dozen people I both knew and respected as good people.
So who gives a damn?
Martin and others were Chess players, and we had gathered for some relaxed fun, sometimes getting too up about politics, but always bringing laughter to tickle others with. Laughter was our key, Zook and goons.
And you can't keep us from that.

We will continue to laugh as we please, and...too bad, because...

We laugh at you, too.